Business Intelligence

powered by AI

We gather an incredible amount of data everyday that can be used for business intelligence to monitor markets, companies and locations

It is all about Intelligence

Derive Intelligent Signals from all the information available to catch a glimpse of major trends that have an impact, a true 30,000 foot level picture, in one shot

Competitors and Subsidiaries

Track companies across the globe and across areas of interest such as mergers and acquisitions, investments, divestitures, expansion to new territories or new product lines

Customized Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence based analysis of all the data that we gather to identify signals about the company – are they hiring, expanding, new products, in trouble, legal issues, slowing sales

People and Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence by parsing through mountains of data and extracting signals. People Intelligence, News and Movement of people from millions of data points, tracked every minute globally

We find needles in the haystack

Social Media

We track Social Media data to get access to fast moving information and informal data about a company, products or general reactions and sentiments from a company’s global customers

Jobs and Hiring

Job posting, locations, job types all are leading indicators of a company’s health, we track that and many more data points as corroborating data points in the overall business intelligence picture.

Company Details

Intell Use Cases

Geographic Intelligence

A company would like to be aware of all new businesses that plan to launch in a specific country. This company provides various business services to new businesses and to businesses that are growing within that country. Intell helps filter out data about new businesses that have signaled expansion plans in the country so that the company can reach out and be the first provider of services.

Risk Management

A services company wants to manage the risk associated with its clients' business. They would like to monitor any adverse information about the clients. They would like to identify specific risks, geopolitical risks, macroeconomic risks, environmental risk, regulatory risks etc. so that they can protect their client's business from such risks.

Competitor Intelligence

A global company that is locked in a fierce battle for dominance and relevance with its largest competitor would like to be aware of the competitor's every move. This includes new locations, new areas of business, patents, job hiring, new products, regulatory issues, lawsuits etc. They plan to use any forward looking data to bolster their competitive advantage.

The use cases are endless

Intell data and capabilities can be customized very quickly to any company's needs and use cases. That is a core strength and a core competency of this product.

The Intell Differentiator

If you have seen such data elsewhere, then what differentiates Intell is the “secret sauce or formula” that is created just for you

We are able to enrich all this data with countless other relevant sources of data that we have access to and correlate all this data in one summarized data set. 

The secret is in the enrichment and the results are impressive.

Some examples of these alternative data sets are Regulatory Filings, Government Records, Legal Cases, Transactional data, Image based data, Video based data etc.

When we combine all this data together, the power of Intell is obvious.

Bottom Line - Proven to reduce costs

Intell has demonstrated massive reduction in human costs associated with Intelligence monitoring. Millions of data points can be distilled by Intell into a handful of actionable items.

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