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How do businesses use Intell

keep an eye on your


Are they opening new offices?

Are they hiring more people?

Are they launching new services?

Are they growing or laying off people?

Any business would love to know answers to these questions and so many more similar questions, quickly and accurately

Are businesses opening or closing?

How is the local real estate market?

Are people moving in or out?

Do new businesses need your services?

Global companies and Local businesses eventually operate in a geographic location and local economies impact their business. The businesses that thrive are best served with critical and actionable data in time to make decisions

keep an eye on ANY


keep an eye on your


Any new laws, regulations or compliance concerns?

Are people with the skills that you require being hired?

Are new products and services being launched?

What is the next big or new thing in the Industry?

Every business would benefit from the answers to trends and events affecting their industry and stay ahead of its peers

What problem does Intell solve

"Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink"

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This saying reflects state of Data today – there is so much of it everywhere but not much of it is usable because it is largely unstructured.

The time and effort needed to transform all the unstructured and largely useless data into structured and usable data has been prohibitive, but with advances in Artificial Intelligence techniques over the past few years, the cost and time have both shrunk immensely and the rate of advancement is staggering

What does Intell do

Identify Signals

Signals are essential to identify actions from a huge amount of data. They identify a change or bring something to the attention of a human for further action. Intell identifies such signals and reduces the amount of work humans have to do to sift through the data. We build custom signals based on your use case, company or industry. These signals help reduce the amount of information humans need to consume by many magnitudes, thereby reducing workloads and costs.

Structure Data

Traditional data processing still relies on structured data which may include things such as names, emails, addresses, financial numbers etc. Intell transforms vast amounts of unstructured data into structured data so that it can be consumed by traditional databases and applications. Custom models help structure data specific to your needs and help you work faster and smarter.

Identify Entities

Identifying entities such as companies, subsidiaries, competitors, locations, people, financial numbers etc is a core part of Intell and forms the basis of providing actionable intelligence. Custom entity identification based on your industry or geography are part of our compelling offering and can be done quickly and cost effectively.

Filter out Noise

With vast amounts of data comes a vast amount of noise and when the noise is significant, it drowns out the data that is actionable. Intell helps filter out the noise so that your traditional systems can rely on less noisy data and you can make reliable decisions. Intell brings the intelligence that you need to the top so that you can maximize the value of that intelligence in a timely manner.

Data Enrichment

We are able to enrich all the data we gather with countless other relevant sources of data that we have access to and correlate all this data in one summarized data set.

The secret to Intell is in the data enrichment and the results are impressive.

Some examples of these alternative data sets are Regulatory Filings, Government Records, Legal Cases, Transactional data, Image based data, Video based data etc.

When we combine all this data together, the power of Intell is obvious.

Create Actionable Summaries

Humans can only consume a finite and small number of data points, options, words, choices at any time. Intell distills massive amount on data into bite sized summaries that humans can consume and act upon

Needles in a haystack

Big data has a big problem of needles getting lost in haystacks. The data is there somewhere but it is impossible to find it. Intell filters up these proverbial needles to the top so that they are easy to find

Build Relationships

Entities are related, and Intell helps build and enhance the relationships between the entities so that the value of the overall data is enhanced multiple fold 

Be Predictive

Actionable data is great and Intell is able to inject certain predictive aspects to the massive data lakes we host. We help improve human decision making using these predictive hints

Bottom line - Proven to reduce costs

Intell has demonstrated massive reduction in human costs associated with Intelligence monitoring. Millions of data points can be distilled by Intell into a handful of actionable items.